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About Us

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Linkwater School is a coeducational full primary (years 1-8) school. In 2007 the school celebrated 100 years of education in the Linkwater and surrounding area.

Linkwater School has strong support from the local community. The school roll has ranged from 35 – 50 students over the past few years. The population is now mixed with students whose families have lived here for generations to families who have emigrated from various overseas destinations. This gives the school an extremely exciting and vibrant community to draw from.

In recent years with the support of our school community the grounds have been added to so that our students really enjoy coming to school. The bike track, tunnel house,multi-purpose court and orchard have been recent additions to go alongside our pool, edible garden and large playing field to encourage not only our students but our community to utilise and enjoy our facilities. We have a well-stocked library and many computers with appropriate programmes and opportunities to ensure that our children are keeping up with the skills required to be 21st century lifelong learners. The school grounds are well maintained and very inviting. We are a coded school for international students.  

Our school believes in promoting the use of education outside the classroom to give purpose and context to the students learning. This means that our children are involved in overnight camps, skiing, fundamental skills, music festivals, interschool activities with our local cluster and working on community projects such as the Kaipupu Point restoration and Link Pathway to name but a few. We have the perfect role model with Anakiwa Outward Bound just around the corner.

At Linkwater School we encourage the students and school community to value:

  • Empathy - understanding other people’s feelings, opinions, ideas; caring and showing compassion

  • Honesty - being open, trustworthy and truthful to ourselves and to others

  • Perseverance - showing commitment by not giving up, seeing something through to completion, putting in our best effort

  • Positivity - looking on the bright side, recognising the good in things and people, giving new things a go

  • Respect - caring about people and treating them with dignity, valuing others and ourselves, caring about the places that we live, work, learn and play in

  • Responsibility - being dependable and reliable; showing accountability for our actions

  • Service - giving to others and wanting to make a difference in their lives; making a worthwhile contribution